Key Trend: Zodiac, the Cosmic Personality Roadmap

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The Cosmic Personality Roadmap

“What’s your sign?” A common question, but why do so many people care? According to astrology, people born under the same constellation (or sign) are likely to have similar personality characteristics. Your zodiac sign is determined by the position of the constellations in correspondence with the Earth on the date of your birth.


A list of the zodiac signs and corresponding dates

Many people use the zodiac as a way to make sense of themselves, and the people and events surrounding them. Your new co-worker is a Virgo? You can maybe expect them to be organized and responsible. Are they a Gemini? Perhaps they are more adventurous and social! The birth signs and elements of the Zodiac aren’t a personality test be-all and end-all, but they can be helpful tools to find similarities between people. They are a way to use the stars to better understand your peers.

There are many levels to understanding the Zodiac in its entirety – some people enjoy it on a surface level, while others dig much deeper, learning about elemental correspondences and alchemy.

Each sign correlates with a different element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Earth signs tend to be grounded and practical; air signs are outgoing and compassionate; fire signs are known to be passionate and ambitious; water signs are often sensitive and creative.

A “birth chart” is a circular map of the night sky, depicting where each celestial being in our solar system was at the moment of your birth in relation to the zodiac constellations. This is where you will hear the terms “rising sign,” “moon sign,” or “big three” (your “sun” sign, or main zodiac sign, moon sign, and rising sign). This is just a more in-depth way to interpret the qualities that make up one’s personality and life experience.

The relationship between crystals and zodiac signs is fun and easy to explore: the metaphysical properties of each crystal can be used to bring out the traits of each zodiac sign. For example, someone who is an air sign (ex. Libra), may be drawn to crystals that are good for communication, such as blue kyanite. This is how we have curated the crystal pairings for each of our Zodiac-related products – and we always explain how the crystal relates to the sign on the packaging!

Bringing the Zodiac to Your Customers

Our current zodiac products offer a range of depth of subject. Zodiac Mini Stone Packs keep it simple, while Zodiac Crystal Collections dig deep into topics of alchemy and sacred geometry! Allow customers to continue to explore by merchandising Mini Zodiac Stone Packs, Zodiac Crystal Collections and Zodiac Bracelets alongside Lunar Goddess: 7 Days of Full Moon Magic, AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards, Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection, and The Eye of Luna Grid for a full array of cosmic-themed products.

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