Key Trend: An Unboxing Experience

Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit (G5086)

An Unboxing Experience

The interactive countdown box style creates an experience out of the simple act of unboxing a new crystal collection. The uncovering of each individual crystal elevates the practice into a personal, wellness ritual. Perhaps due to the nostalgia of opening a tab each day for a toy or chocolate, these types of boxes are now popular all throughout the beauty and self-care industry, with countdown boxes of make-up, skincare, designer products, and more!

Our Countdown-Style Boxed Collections

GeoCentral offers 3 countdown-style boxed crystal collections:

  • 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit
  • Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit
  • Lunar Goddess: 7 Days of Full Moon Magic 

Each product has a different theme and user experience. All crystals are specially curated based on their metaphysical properties.  

Self-Care Toolkit: 12 Days of Crystal Magic (G5051)

Well-being: be still and breathe.

Lunar Goddess: 7 Days of Full Moon Magic (G5117)

Countdown Style Collections by GeoCentral:

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