Key Trend: The Metaphysical and the Geological

The Metaphysical and the Geological

As interest in zodiac, chakras, and general wellness culture continues to rise, it is helpful to cater to the interest of all types of customers your store may attract. Our crystal property cards offer both geological and metaphysical-based facts, creating a personal experience in your store for customers. They can choose the crystals they are drawn to the most based on the information they read when browsing the cards.

The property card for each crystal may be used with all different finishes of the crystal. For example, the amethyst property card (G9047) can be used with Natural Amethyst Clusters (NAO), Natural Amethyst Points (NAP), Rough Amethyst (NAR), Tumbled Amethyst (NAA), and Mini Tumbled Amethyst (G3075).

Each property card includes:

  • Geological properties:
    • mineral composition
    • common patterns
    • standard colors
    • where the crystal is most commonly found.
  • Metaphysical information:
    • ways in which each crystal boosts different types of energy
    • chakra correspondences
    • zodiac correspondences
    • elemental correspondences 

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