Key Trend: The Manifestation Movement

Trust and Manifestation collection with geodes on tan background
Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection (G5085), Large Brazilian Geode (NBGPL)

The Manifestation Movement

What is manifestation? You’ve probably heard about it on social media: people ‘manifesting’ a new job, home, love, travel – you name it.  In short, manifesting is the practice of setting positive intentions in order to accomplish goals and turn bright energy into abundance: “speak it into existence.

Your current thoughts influence your future experiences. In other words, the energy and ideas your put into the universe today will literally manifest themselves into reality overtime. Instead of saying “I wish I was more confident,” or even, “I wish I would get that promotion,” say “I am confident, strong, and grounded,” or “I will get promoted within 6 months.” 

your current thoughts influence your future experiences

Not only does this energy extend into the universe, but it lights a fire within you as well, subconsciously encouraging you to make the changes necessary for your goals and desires to come to fruition.  

This practice is nothing new, but as people continue to incorporate self-care and the metaphysical into their lifestyle, use of crystal energy to support the manifestation process is at the forefront of the wellness movement.

There are many ways to incorporate crystals into manifestation practices, some as simple as holding a crystal, while others are more complex. As you may know, different crystals have different properties: rose quartz boosts self-love, fluorite enhances focus, amethyst offers tranquility, etc. One may choose a crystal with properties that align with the intentions that they are manifesting and carry it with them as a symbol of the manifestation, or a reminder to continue speaking it into existence.

Crystal gridding is another popular means of manifestation. Similar to the idea of carrying a crystal with your intention, you can use different types of crystals to create a grid to amplify the energy you put into manifesting your goals and dreams. Grids are formed from overlapping flat shapes (triangles, rectangles, circles, spirals, etc.) that create compound shapes and intersecting lines. Within the crystal grid structure, these forms become multidimensional energy fields that extend in all directions from the printed or laser-etched lines. This is what is called “sacred geometry.” (maybe we have a blog post somewhere about sacred geometry and link here)

Manifestation grid - 3 pink grid templates with crystals
Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit (G5086)

Bringing the Manifestation Movement to Your Customers

As manifestation continues to be a key trend in the wellness industry, we make it easy to offer your customers all the tools for manifesting they could need – no matter what level of complexity they are interested in.

Keep it simple with retail-ready boxed products like Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection and Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit. Create a more hands-on experience by allowing customers to create their own personal manifestation and gridding kit by offering The Eye of Luna Grid, and a variety sizes and types of loose crystals. Merchandise these alongside muslin bags, pendulums, and standing towers and points so that customers have options to supplement their manifestation space as they wish!

(Pictured: Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection (G5085), The Eye of Luna Grid (G9040), Amethyst Clusters (G6010), Fluorite Clusters (G6045), Gold Gilded Standing Quartz Points (G6104),  Small Brazilian Geodes (BGD),  Mini Tumbled Amethyst (G3075), Mini Natural Clear Quartz Point (G3079), Mini Tumbled Green Aventurine (G3081), Grounded Dreams Pendulum (G5090), Violet Light Pendulum (G5091))

Manifestation tools: Grid, trust + manifest kit, crystals, and pendulums

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