Key Trend: Guidance from the Higher Self

Pictured: AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards (G5041), WISDOM: Cosmic Crystal Collection (G5043), Selenite Tower (SELT)

Guidance from the Higher Self

You’ve probably heard of people ‘having their cards read.’ Often, this refers to a tarot reading, but more and more people are looking to oracle decks for guidance as well. Oracle decks have been gaining popularity as an approachable and unintimidating way to use cards to seek wisdom from yourself and the cosmos. Each oracle deck is different, there is no common system of design or interpretation, but rather individual themes and inspiration in each deck. There are no real rules to using an oracle deck – simply ask a question or set an intention, clear the deck with a quartz point, shuffle, draw a card, and let it speak to you.  

You know what is best for yourself, the cards are there to awaken that knowledge.

In its most basic sense, your Higher Self is the best, most unaffected and undiluted version of your being. Your Higher Self is above ego, calm in the face of conflict, and free of earthly worries and baggage. Your Higher Self is innately in tune with the community of the universe, and able to tap into this knowledge through intuition and dreams. Basically, you know what is best for yourself, the cards are there to awaken that knowledge.

There are many ways to tap into the Higher Self – using crystal pendulums for dowsing and divination, creating crystal grids, or just spending time with high-frequency crystals such as lapis lazuli, selenite, sodalite, and labradorite.

Bringing Tools for the Higher Self into Your Store

Create a merchandising story comprised of boxed collections and loose tools focused on inner wisdom and guidance from the universe:

  • AWAKE Inner Wisdom Cards and WISDOM Cosmic Crystal Collection (Inner Wisdom Collection)
  • Crystal Pendulums
  • Mini Pendulum Necklaces
  • The Eye of Luna Grid
  • Labradorite and Selenite Towers
  • Tumbled lapis lazuli
  • Mini crystals
AWAKE Inner Wisdom Cards (G5041), Mystical Insight Pendulum (G5089), Grounded Dreams Pendulum (G5090), Violet Light Pendulum (G5091), Gilded Quartz Point (G6104), The Eye of Luna Grid (G9040), Seashell Boxes (PBN), Mini Tumbled Green Aventurine (G3081), Mini Tumbled Amethyst (G3075), Mini Clear Quartz Points (G3079)

Explore tools for accessing the higher self:

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