Key Trend: Demystifying the Ritual

Ritual Kit: Fresh Start (G5069), Amethyst Cluster (G6010)

Demystifying the Ritual

A ‘ritual’ is any repetitive practice done with intention – much more approachable than it often gets a rap for being! As people increasingly prioritize daily self-care, creating a daily ritual is an easy way to bring order and clarity into each day. You likely already have rituals that you don’t even realize are rituals: taking the time to make your coffee just how you like it each morning, daily multi-step skin and hair care routines, or taking 20 minutes to unwind in your preferred way before bed. 

Take a grounding moment each day to create a small ritual.

When you make the intention to frame standard daily practices like these as ‘rituals,’ it adds a bit of extra meaning and mindfulness to the otherwise mundane parts of everyday life. Make it a priority to take a grounding moment each day to create a small ritual.

One can also practice personal rituals for special occasions or situations. Many practice moon rituals during full and new moons such as making moon water, manifesting, or meditating. Some celebrate the changing of seasons with rituals like gratitude journaling, cooking with seasonal ingredients, and setting intentions for the season ahead.

Crystals are often incorporated into rituals, both daily and specialty. Our Ritual Kit encourages its user to choose a crystal to carry each morning to signify a fresh day and renew positive intentions. Lunar Goddess offers a crystal and small ritual idea each day in the 6 days leading up to the full moon, culminating with a final crystal and meditative guide.

Ritual Kit: Fresh Start (G5069), Lunar Goddess (G5117), Trust + Manifest (G5085), Selenite Tower (SELT), Labradorite Tower (G6125)

Bringing Ritual tools to your customers

Since the idea of a ritual is so broad, almost any of our products can be tied into daily rituals. As previously stated, Ritual Kit: Fresh Start and Lunar Goddess: 7 Days of Full Moon Magic directly address creating rituals. Products such as The Eye of Luna Grid and assorted loose crystals and tools support manifestation rituals. Crystal pendulums and the AWAKE Inner Wisdom Cards can be used as decision-making rituals. Any of our Everyday Crystal Collections or Everyday Crystal Bracelets can be easy, daily reminders to take a quiet moment for oneself.

explore ritual tools by GeoCentral:

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