Key Trend: Creating Sanctuary

Natural agate bookends and a smoky quartz wall hanging creating sanctuary
Natural Agate Bookends (G6026), Ground + Purify Wall Hanging (G6123)

Creating Sanctuary

In an increasingly busy and hyper-connected world, people are seeking balance by creating a refuge within their home. Your home should be a safe space, where you are able to turn off outside influences and find peace in your surroundings.

moments of retreat can be found in many forms

There are a multitude of ways to create sanctuary for yourself in your home, and it looks different for everyone – moments of retreat can be found in many forms. To some, sanctuary means an excess of candles, blankets, and sentimental décor. Others find sanctuary in minimalism – a clean aesthetic for a clear mind. Maybe sanctuary is a corner of a room set aside for a yoga mat or a few house plants. The key to creating sanctuary is determining what sets your mind and soul most at ease.

a homescape evoking sanctuary with bookends, geodes, and books
Green Agate Bookends (G6024), Rose Quartz Cluster (G6011), Small Brazilian Geodes (BGD)

Crystals in the Home

Whatever version of sanctuary works for you, integrating crystal décor is an easy and beautiful way to deflect heavy energy and create a tranquil atmosphere in the home. Some of the most popular crystals incorporated into home décor include:

  • clear quartz – cleanses energy and amplifies the energy of the crystals surrounding it
  • agate – grounds energy and protects the space it is in
  • fluorite – boosts focus and productivity (great for home offices or workspaces!)
  • rose quartz – enhances feelings of compassion, strengthens relationships and communication skills
  • amethyst – brings feelings of tranquility and assists in restful sleep

Any type of crystal can be used in home décor though, and it can be exciting and satisfying to curate the exact energies you want to bring into your space.

Bringing Crystals into your Offerings

Our home décor offerings range from small desktop standing crystal points, to wall hangings, to bookends and lamps, to large druze centerpieces. No matter the price point or space limitations – we have products that fit.

Give your customers a variety of options by curating multiple styles of the décor pieces you offer: we have 5 styles of agate bookends, 3 styles of lamps, 3 styles of candles, 7 styles of wall hangings, and more than a dozen styles of small-scale standing crystals.

Create dynamic and eye-catching displays by incorporating risers or tiered shelving in your standing crystal displays, or by using larger pieces (such as crystal lamps) as a centerpiece. Always keep an extra wall hanging on hand as an in-store feature displayed on your wall to draw customers in!

Not only will crystal décor improve the energy in the end-consumer’s home, but it will help create sanctuary in your store as well!

An assortment of standing crystals for the home in order to create sanctuary
Gold Gilded Natural Standing Points (G6104), Gold Gilded Natural Standing Points (G6112), Gold Gilded Mini Agate Paperweights (G6072), Gold Gilded Quartz Cluster (G6109), Fluorite Cluster (G6045), Quartz Cluster (G6036), Rose Quartz Cluster (G6011), Black Tourmaline Cluster (G6047), Labradorite Tower (G6125), Rose Quartz Tower (G6126), Selenite Tower (SELT).

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