GeoCentral Wall Hangings and their Energetic Properties

Our crystal wall hangings are sleek, trendy, and beautiful – but more than that, the crystals in each wall hanging are curated for the metaphysical properties and good energy that they bring to the space that they are in. Keep reading to learn about what each of our 12 wall hangings can bring to the space they are in!

Merchandising tip: Keep an extra wall hanging on hand so you always have one as an in-store feature displayed on your wall!

Clear + Amplify Wall Hanging

Clears heavy energy

Amplifies the properties of the crystals surrounding it

Offers energy for productivity and communication

Ground + Purify Wall Hanging

Grounds unsettled energy

Purifies negative energy

Boosts peace and positivity

Crystalline Wall Banner

Amethyst – offers tranquility and peace

Smoky quartz – grounds unsettled energy

Rose quartz encourages self-love and compassion

Clear quartz – clears and amplifies energy

Agate + Crystal – Natural Agate + Clear Quartz

enhances precision + stability

boosts courage + strength

grounds unsettled energy

Love Wall Hanging – Rose Quartz + Clear Quartz

encourages healing + self-love

fosters kindness + empathy

brings an essence of peace + gentleness

Purple Agate + Amethyst

promotes tranquility + healthy sleep patterns

fosters metamorphosis + prosperity

boosts strength + awareness

Black Agate + Black Tourmaline

grounds the mind + encourages well being

deflects heavy energy

soothes tension + eases grief

Green Agate + Clear Quartz

assists in clearing unhelpful energies

boosts optimism + positivity

amplifies + directs the flow of energy


Crown Chakra ‘I know’:  Quartz – Awareness

Third Eye Chakra ‘I see’:  Amethyst – Intuition

Throat Chakra ‘I speak’:  Sodalite – Communication

Heart Chakra ‘I love’:  Amazonite – Love

Solar Plexus Chakra ‘I share’:  Orange Calcite – Creativity

Sacral Chakra ‘I create’:  Tiger Eye – Strength

Root Chakra ‘I am’:  Red Jasper – Grounding


heightens connection with the moon

increases flexibility + self-awareness

clears negative energy

Clear Quartz Wind Mobile

boosts energy

amplifies the properties of other crystals in its vicinity

heightens awareness

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