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At GeoCentral, we are always looking for new ways to serve our customers.

The new ‘resource’ section of our website is designed to not only answer questions during your shopping process, but to help you sell our product with confidence and knowledge to your own customers.

The Resource section will include informational videos about our products, along with blog posts with selling tips and answers to some of our most asked questions.

What questions do you have when selling our product? Let us know your requests for future blog post topics by emailing

Preview our Brand Overview video here:

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Key Trend: Moon Magic

Full moon rituals are rooted in bright cleansing energy, intention setting, and Divine Feminine connection. The full moon is an opportunity to release energy that no longer serves you – as the moon begins to wane, so will whatever you made the intention to release. Preparing for this release the week of the full moon is an effective way to make the most of this time. There are many ways to interact with the full moon – journaling, meditating, charging your crystals in the moonlight, and more! However one chooses to observe the full moon, this is a powerful time to tap into the inner goddess archetype.

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