The Face as a Canvas: Crystalline Facial Grids

PURE Crystalline Facial Grid (G5096)

The Face As a canvas: Crystalline Facial Grids

As within, so without: energy is everything. The crystalline structure of the physical body responds positively to the energetic vibrations of crystals. 

Crystal grids connect the power of sacred geometry and pure crystalline energy with the body, mind, and soul. One can experience refreshing results through the power of intention and activation. By placing crystals in specific areas on the head and neck, you are activating an ethereal energetic map that affects your entire system. The slight pressure of the crystals on the body activates the nervous system (acupressure), allowing for greater circulation and alignment. This, combined with the inherent energetic properties of crystals, sends codes of healing, alignment, detoxification, and ease throughout the whole of your being. Within and around the physical body, there are chakras connected by meridians, that allow for the constant flow of qi. Becoming aware of these subtle aspects of the self allows for harmony and healing to occur multidimensionally.

PURE Crystalline Facial Grid blends the practice of acupressure massage with the sacred geometry of crystal grids. This combines a potent, yet gentle interplay of sacred geometry and acupressure points along the nerve meridians of the face and neck. When used with intention, they can clear discordant energy, repair energetic disconnections, and soothe all systems of the body. This product includes three suggested grid layouts and intentions: Energetic Detoxification, Meditative Bliss, and Divine Illumination.

Grid layout guide from PURE Crystalline Facial Grid (G5096)

Facial Grid Intention Map

Intention map from PURE Crystalline Facial Grid (G5096)

Tips for creating a facial grid

  • Drop into awareness of your wholeness.
  • Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and the wisdom of the crystals throughout your practice with the grid layouts.
  • There is not a specific timeframe suggested for these grid sessions – be present to ensure a peaceful connection to the crystals.
  • You may enjoy using the crystal grid layouts during a guided or silent meditation, or while listening to relaxing music for a layered vibrational healing experience.
  • Set the intention that the crystal energy affects you for your highest outcome.
  • To activate the crystals for each grid, say an affirmation that includes the intention for your grid session.
  • Imagine divine white light passing through all the crystals being used.
  • Follow the guides for grid layouts or follow your intuition and create a grid on your own.

Bringing Crystalline Facial Tools to your store

PURE Crystalline Facial Tools offer a modern take on the ancient practice of incorporating crystals into skincare rituals. Increased consumer focus on holistic lifestyle practices (those intended for overall well-being) reminds us that beauty is not skin deep – we must address beauty from the inside out. Our beauty tools are designed to enhance an inner glow that shines through to the surface.

Supplement PURE Crystalline Facial Grid with GLOW Crystal Massage Tool and SUBLIME Crystal Sculpting Tool for a full array of crystalline beauty tools. Merchandise alongside the rest of PURE Earth Collection – Cleansing Herb Bundles and Matte Mineral Palm Stones – for a nourishing and rejuvenating wellness experience.

Pictured: PURE Crystalline Facial Grid (G5096), GLOW Crystal Massage Tool (G5094), Matte Mineral Collection (G5097, G5098, G5099), Cleansing Herb Bundles (G5110, G5111, G5112)

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